Saturday, January 15, 2011

Swim like!

Oh man, I totally watch too much Nick Jr.


If you follow me on Facebook, you would probably already know that Tenlee started swim lessons this week. But what you don't know is, the story behind those dorky little goggles...

Tenlee has been waiting for weeks to start swim lessons. Finally the day has come...

Can you tell she was excited?

Class started and they were told to sit on the stairs and get their hair wet....she did.

Next, they were told to put their mouth in the water and blow bubbles and "talk to the fish"...she did.
Then, put your mouth and nose in the water...she did.
Continuing to put your mouth, your nose and your eyes in the water...she did.
Finally put your mouth, nose, eyes and your head-all under water...she did NOT!

Little Miss Tenlee leaves her class, walks up to me and says: "Mama, I don't do dat".
"Tenlee, you need to sit down with the rest of your class and listen to your teacher, you have to try".

She sits back down...

Her teacher proceeds to do a few more things to make sure all the kids are comfortable in the water and they head down the wall, and start to kick!

She loves to kick.

Just like that Tenlee walks over to me: "Mama, I have to go potty". 
We went.

"Go sit with the rest of your class, and listen to your're doing great", I say.

Ok kids: now swim on your belly!
Tenlee gets out of the water...."Mama, I don't do dat".

"Tenlee, you have to try".

Tenlee and Riley Jo.
"Now, you are going to float on your back" said the teacher.
Low and behold....Tenlee leaves her class to walk up to me: "Mama, I don't do dat".

Tenlee! Go sit back down.

She sits that one out. She goes back by the rest of her class and the teacher wants them to all swim again.
Who comes walking back for the sixth time?

Mama! I need my goggles....

"Now, please Tenlee....sit back down and listen to your teacher".

The parents all around me just thought she was the cutest little thing and were getting the biggest kick out of her....afterall, she is the youngest in the class-but seemingly the most independent, outgoing and of course entertaining one of the group!
(I just roll my eyes smile)

 She swims....

She plays...

She doesn't want to leave.

Meanwhile, Tenlee continues to splash in the water and is having a great time. She slowly ventures out on her own (still holding the railing along the side of the pool). She kicks. She dunks. WHAT? Yes...I look over and all by herself T decided to put her whole head under the water. 
I smile....she smiles.
She does it again.

....and again.

Tenlee looks up at me gasping for air with those red little eyes and says: "Mama, I doin great!"

"Yes you are, Tenlee" I was so proud of her. And she was even more proud of herself. I was so happy to see that just after the first class she was already improving and showing everyone the little daredevil in her that we all know and love.

Now...leaving the pool wasn't as graceful as you all might think. I say numerous times: Tenlee it is time to get out, we need to go home. After 5 minutes of refusing to get out. I pull her out by the arm and attempt to dry her off. She takes off running!
(Don't you remember the #1 rule, kid. No running by the pool.) 
She doesn't care.

We end up in a game of chicken, both at opposite ends of the pool. One of the dads look at me and says: "glad it's you, and not me" my response: "gee, thanks!"
Eventually he asks: "Would you like me to try and get her"?
Feeling like the mother of the year, yet again....I lower my head and say: Yes, please!
He lures her in with a ball...she jumps in (to a complete stranger, I might add) and has the nerve to look at me from across the pool and yell "HI MOM" as she waves!

I glance over, and the wife to the dad capturing my child looks at me and just says: You have the cutest daughter. (Are you kidding me?) I think in desperation. "She not shy at all, and it was so cute that she kept getting out of the pool during class to check in with you." the other mom said. I just shook my head!

Ok, so Tenlee nears me. I say thanks to the dad that was in the pool with my uncooperative child. I grab Tenlee and head to the locker room. She slips...falls...and hits her head. Go figure! After all that.

She cries.
I take off her swimsuit (and we all know that isn't the easiest). And to put clothes back on a screaming child, that is half-dry (or wet) makes it even more difficult. Her head hurts. And the only other thing out of her mouth: 
Mom, I'm hungry...I need a snack.
I can't move fast enough.
"I need a snack, mom".
"Yes, Tenlee (as I put her shirt over her head) we are almost home". (what?)
Anything to calm her down.
Mommmmmmm, I need a snack. Right. Now.

Someone please....

I kept my cool. I got her a snack and we survived the first night of swim lessons. (I think)

I just wonder what next week will bring....wish me luck!

 I already have the snacks packed!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tie-Dye Cupcakes!

I wanted to experiment with making mini-cupcakes, and thought 'tie-dye' would be fun, so I gave it a whirl! First I mixed up a regular white cake mix. Separated it evenly into 4 bowls. Then took food coloring to make 4 vibrant colors for Tenlee's Tinkerbell themed birthday party.

Green, Purple, Blue and Pink!
 With lots of help from the up and coming three-year old we did this....

I used 4 plastic syringes to fill each cupcake tin with every color!


I baked them at 350ยบ for 11-13 minutes.

Frosted them with white frosting and a sprinkling of PIXIE DUST! (I told you, Tink was there)!

Dig in and Enjoy!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Tenlee's 3rd Birthday!

.....and Tinkerbell was present!

Playin' Guitar!

Mommy's new hobby.....cake decorating!

Love you baby girl!

Treat bags.

Pin the tail on the Donkey!

Ellie, Alexis, Tenlee and Sawyer