Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just a closer walk with ..... T?

After a long day at work, Tenlee and I get home and she suggests we go on a walk...
"Sure, we can do that-what a good idea" I say.

"Mom, you push me in the stroller"?
"No, are 3 1/2, you can walk".
"Ughhhhh, c'mon mom"!

Back n forth, back n forth....and after a five minute debate on which shoes to wear we're finally out the door! BUT, not before she convinces me that if she can't ride in her stroller-she wants to push her baby in the doll stroller. OK.FINE. Let's go!

We start down the driveway. "Hey mom, look...a feather!" (In the stroller it goes)
" going too fast. This road is bumpy for my baby".

Keep walking Tenlee!

"Mom, I want a purple flower"

"Mom, I want a yellow flower"

"Mom, my baby is crying....she's hungry"

"I need a purple flower for Gamma"

"Ouch mom, I have a rock in my shoe" Ouchie, Ouchie, Ouchie!

Tenlee, you're fine...

"Can I take this rock home"?


Keep walking...

All of a sudden I look behind me to see a small frown appearing on her face: "I dropped my gum" and the tears start to roll. Mind you the baby is half way out of the stroller.'s alright, we'll get more at home-let's keep going!

"Mama, a dandelion...I wanna make a wish"
"Ok T-make a wish!"

"I want a PUPPY!' (a smile reappears)


We are almost back home and all I can think about is: I swear to God if she has to pee....

You will be happy to know this did NOT happen!

Whew! We made it. So much for a relaxing little walk to end the day.

True story. I wish I was exaggerating, but I'm not. In fact, I probably forgot something.
Can this be my excuse for not enough exercise? I think so.

Cuddle time!


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