Thursday, December 29, 2011

Being: MOM!

I love being a mom. But to be honest, it's really hard work! (and I know as my mom reads this, she's saying: Well...ya! Now you know what I've gone through with you kids). I know, I know! Thanks mom!

Being a mom, isn't just BEING there.
 You have to completely interact. 
You have to plan everything in advance. 
Being a mom, everything takes twice as long. 
Going on vacation, isn't always vacation. 
Going out to dinner or even the grocery store isn't ever "quick".

A mom's calendar is NEVER "open". 
Free time...forget it! (unless you scheduled about 2 months in advance)
We are constantly making appointments.
Going to appointments, and I'm not talking pedicures here....
 Getting the call: "you're baby is sick and needs to be picked up".

Now, let's put SINGLE mom in front of all this!
Is it really that different?
A mom, whether single of not....does all the above!
Ain't gonna lie. She does.

But, when that single mommy wants that pedicure, 
who's there to watch the baby?
No one.
Going to the grocery store by myself?
Unheard of.
Come home from work and plop on the couch?
Yeah right! "Mama, I hungry".

It's allll me.

After baby goes to bed at night.

Everyone always says, you are never really alone when you have a kid...

Truth is:
I am.

Sometimes it's really nice.
Sometimes I feel like a loser.
Sometimes I enjoy relaxing.
Sometimes I cry.
Sometimes I long for those Sunday evening cuddles on the couch.
Sometimes I shut my eyes and wonder what went wrong.

...Friends...Adult Interaction...Hellooooo...

Sometimes I forget what that's like.

BUT, then I look into those glossy little brown eyes of my baby girl and realize that being a mom is really great too!

I get to do things I haven't done since I was young.
Have fun at Chuck-E-Cheese again.
Watch Disney movies.
Easter egg hunts, trick-or-treating, and fireworks!
Christmas is fun and exciting again, and it really is true:
Giving is better than receiving!
The joy on her face Christmas morning tearing into presents, almost brought me to tears. 
Did I mention there is always candy in the house? There is! =)
Go to the zoo or on a picnic.

And the real truth is-I'm happy with her. And if it's just me and her forever...I'm ok with that because we have love for one another that I could never describe. That I could never replace. We don't "work" at being happy...we just are. It takes no convincing... I love being able to take care of her. She makes me feel like I belong, like I was put on Earth to take care of her. She's a mini-me... and I think I can handle that!

Oh're going to be 4 in just a few days!
(May you stay....forever young)

Mommy loves you!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pick Up Your Pen!

You must read this!

I'm serious.

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Boy vs. Man

Boys play house. Men build homes!!!

Boys shack up. Men get married!!! 

Boys make babies. Men raise children!!! 

A boy won't raise his own children. A man will raise his and someone else's. 

Boys invent excuses for failure. Men produce strategies for success!!! 

Boys look for somebody to take care of them. Men look for someone to take 
care of!!! 

Boys seek popularity. Men earn respect by knowing how to give it!!! 

Boys quit and walk away when things get hard. 

Men will promise to love you through it all.

I need a MAN!

Say what? know when someone asks you that question that you just really don't want to answer? Either because you don't know the answer, or you just don't want to get into it?!

I'm guilty of talking too much-I know! Thank you very much....and now I know first-hand my daughter is more and more like me EVERYDAY!

Did you know that the typical 4 year old asks approx. 437 questions everyday! you do! And you know what? I believe it.
Do you want to know what my daughter asked me the moment she gets in the car this evening?

It went something a little like this:

Mom, who got me my blanket?
Jensine....she gave it to you when you were a little baby.
Oh, I love my blankie. You like it?
Yes Tenlee, I love it too!
Mom, only babies sleep in cribs?
Yeah, you got too big for yours...
And big girls sleep in their bed?
And mom, how did you make me?
Tenlee, remember: I made you in my belly!
I know mom, you make me in your tummy but how did you make me in there?
Do I have to tell you?
YES! (she screams) I just wanna know!
I don't want to talk about right now. (all I could think about was that damn song: let me tell you bout the birds n the bees n the flowers n the trees) Ahh! You get it.
Mom, you have to tell me.
No. We aren't talking about it.

On goes the radio....LOUD! Good lord get me home. This already, and she's only 3 1/2. I'm locking her up!

And to think it's only 5 o'clock and I probably have 198 questions left....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

FALLing for you....Family Portraits I

 James, Melissa & Noah + 1

Mommy love. 

 Hangin' with dad.

LOVE this one!! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just a closer walk with ..... T?

After a long day at work, Tenlee and I get home and she suggests we go on a walk...
"Sure, we can do that-what a good idea" I say.

"Mom, you push me in the stroller"?
"No, are 3 1/2, you can walk".
"Ughhhhh, c'mon mom"!

Back n forth, back n forth....and after a five minute debate on which shoes to wear we're finally out the door! BUT, not before she convinces me that if she can't ride in her stroller-she wants to push her baby in the doll stroller. OK.FINE. Let's go!

We start down the driveway. "Hey mom, look...a feather!" (In the stroller it goes)
" going too fast. This road is bumpy for my baby".

Keep walking Tenlee!

"Mom, I want a purple flower"

"Mom, I want a yellow flower"

"Mom, my baby is crying....she's hungry"

"I need a purple flower for Gamma"

"Ouch mom, I have a rock in my shoe" Ouchie, Ouchie, Ouchie!

Tenlee, you're fine...

"Can I take this rock home"?


Keep walking...

All of a sudden I look behind me to see a small frown appearing on her face: "I dropped my gum" and the tears start to roll. Mind you the baby is half way out of the stroller.'s alright, we'll get more at home-let's keep going!

"Mama, a dandelion...I wanna make a wish"
"Ok T-make a wish!"

"I want a PUPPY!' (a smile reappears)


We are almost back home and all I can think about is: I swear to God if she has to pee....

You will be happy to know this did NOT happen!

Whew! We made it. So much for a relaxing little walk to end the day.

True story. I wish I was exaggerating, but I'm not. In fact, I probably forgot something.
Can this be my excuse for not enough exercise? I think so.

Cuddle time!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

A fun day with Kari

I honestly think this is my favorite! 

Chiggity...Check Yo Self! ;-)