Thursday, November 17, 2011

Say what? know when someone asks you that question that you just really don't want to answer? Either because you don't know the answer, or you just don't want to get into it?!

I'm guilty of talking too much-I know! Thank you very much....and now I know first-hand my daughter is more and more like me EVERYDAY!

Did you know that the typical 4 year old asks approx. 437 questions everyday! you do! And you know what? I believe it.
Do you want to know what my daughter asked me the moment she gets in the car this evening?

It went something a little like this:

Mom, who got me my blanket?
Jensine....she gave it to you when you were a little baby.
Oh, I love my blankie. You like it?
Yes Tenlee, I love it too!
Mom, only babies sleep in cribs?
Yeah, you got too big for yours...
And big girls sleep in their bed?
And mom, how did you make me?
Tenlee, remember: I made you in my belly!
I know mom, you make me in your tummy but how did you make me in there?
Do I have to tell you?
YES! (she screams) I just wanna know!
I don't want to talk about right now. (all I could think about was that damn song: let me tell you bout the birds n the bees n the flowers n the trees) Ahh! You get it.
Mom, you have to tell me.
No. We aren't talking about it.

On goes the radio....LOUD! Good lord get me home. This already, and she's only 3 1/2. I'm locking her up!

And to think it's only 5 o'clock and I probably have 198 questions left....


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