Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So...if you can believe it, Tenlee and I had a little extra time this morning, well-just enough time to whip up some homemade pancakes.

She LOVES to help.....sometimes more than wanted by me. But hey, at least she's willing, and I do love the fact that she likes to help me in the kitchen. Just creates a tad more mess...but she's so darn proud.

I just love that little hand.


 Finished product....get in mah belly!

Last day of work for the week! Whoohoo! I dropped Tenlee off at daycare this morning, and she can't wait to go home and put her dress on with her dancin' shoes. We have a family Thanksgiving tonight and she's excited for the party!! 

I must say, these pancakes aren't gonna even come close to the deliciousness 
I'll be devouring in T (minus)  7 hours!

Oh, and one more side note. BLACK FRIDAY is almost here!!! This girl is STOKED!


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